Why South East Med Energy & Defense?

The question of European energy security has brought attention to the strategic significance of South Eastern Europe and Mediterranean regions as sources, as well as transport hub, of natural gas and other forms of energy. The axis South Eastern Europe – Mediterranean and the Balkans will be key regions of Europe’s energy security, with USGS and IEA estimations showing confirmed and potential O&G reserves able to satisfy growing EU energy demand over the next 35 years at least.

The estimated reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially, are located in four main areas: the Levantine Basin, the Nile Delta Basin, the Nile Cone and Greece (Crete, Herodotus, Corinth and Ionian). These areas include a number of Countries: Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

The area is subject to threats that could create further instability and risk for the security of infrastructures and further investments. Several ongoing issues threaten the exploration, production, and transit of energy resources to Europe, especially the security environment, territorial disputes, and the macroeconomic climate.

Recent developments, together with the uncertainty of the wider area (Balkans, Middle East, North Africa), suggest the need for enhanced security. Ongoing territorial disputes between several South Eastern Mediterranean states, especially the Turkey-Greece-Cyprus disputes over their respective EEZs, could hinder exploration and development in the region, particularly in the offshore Levant Basin.

South Eastern Mediterranean Energy & Defense is a unique Platform dedicated to Energy and Defense developments in the region which aims to:

Publish articles, analyses, newsletters and reports, as well as the official views of major stakeholders and key opinion leaders, in order to illustrate the geopolitical parameters that affect the balance between energy and geopolitical developments, which is a major key element for their strategy.

We are today mostly focused on examining how present events and trends affect future outcomes, such as situational and trend assessments. These assessments are carefully considered within the relevant regional or global context, and often benefit from our deep institutional memory and rich network of contacts from around the world.

Our analyses isolate the real, but often overlooked or misreported significance of specific current events and trends for the region and sometimes, the world. We also increasingly focus on global issues connecting the region with the wider world as these relations indicate the South East Mediterranean & Europe regions’ continued relevance and interrelationship with greater world events.

Our publications can be read freely. Additionally, we compose special reports for private clients.

Who Writes for the South East Med Energy & Defense?

Since launching in 2018, the website has benefited from the expertise and skills of around 20 writers, researchers and consultants, based both regionally and further abroad; our organization thus has a truly global reach and is capable of achieving a result far beyond Europe.

Persons involved with the website tend to be both highly educated and experienced in real-world activities. They also come from an intriguing blend of backgrounds: from journalists, academic and non-governmental experts to private-sector professionals and consultants to business, government, and risk and security bodies. This disparate blend of backgrounds helps ensure the website’s independent identity, as writers do not conform to any specific ideology. Nor would we wish to enforce one.

Who Reads South East Med Energy & Defense?

Persons with a professional interest in, or at the very least a strong curiosity about regional developments in Energy, Business, Geopolitics and Defense. These include: 

* Diplomats, foreign affairs ministries, military, security and intelligence services of various states
* Representatives of international institutions, NGO personnel and academics
* Foreign investors and others in the business of energy, defense and finance worlds
* Local and international journalists, members of diaspora communities, civil society/NGO personnel and more.

These readers value our research’s accurate and unique insights, which often inform their decision-making processes and information-gathering capabilities. Some readers come to South East Med Energy & Defense for a “second opinion” regarding reported events, assumed truths and prominent perceptions found in the mainstream media and elsewhere.

We are aware that our work has even affected tactical or strategic policy planning in some cases. With this comes an added responsibility to report as well as possible.

What Makes South East Med Energy & Defense Different?

Since we cover mostly analysis, the website is independent, objective and self-sustaining. It is thus not susceptible to any external forms of pressure or influence.

Savvy readers concentrating on Energy & Defense will already know that historically speaking, many international media bodies devoted to the region have been created and subsidized by various states or organizations seeking influence. Other media groups still dependent on grants will continue to publish until the money runs out. However, as an independent, decentralized and low-cost operation, we shall continue to publish for as long as there are writers interested in contributing and readers eager to be realisticaly informed.

This reality has allowed us to take a strategic and patient approach to research and publish, as neither deadlines nor external pressure apply.


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